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India Before Europe por Caherine B. Asher epub

Caherine B. Asher - India Before Europe Epub

Título: India Before Europe

Autores: Caherine B. Asher

Publicado: 25/05/2006

ISBN: 9780521005395

Tamaño: 10 MB

Nº de páginas: 209

Idiomas: Español

Valoración: ★★★★★

Formato : PDF, EPUB

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India is a land of enormous diversity. Cross-cultural influences are everywhere in evidence, in the food people eat, the clothes they wear, and in the places they worship. This was especially the case in the India that existed from 1200 to 1750, before the European intervention. The book takes the reader on a journey across the political, economic, religious and cultural landscapes of medieval India, from the Ghurid conquests and the Dehli Sultanate to the great court of the Mughals. This was a time of conquest and consolidation, when Muslims and Hindus came together to create a unique culture which still resonates in today's India. As the first survey of its kind in over a decade, the book is a tour de force. It is beautifully illustrated and fluently composed, with a cast of characters which will educate students and general readers alike. • Covers a critical period of modern India’s formation from 1200 to 1750 • Written in an accessible and engaging manner, the book is ideally suited for general readers and students seeking an overview of South Asia • With numerous features including: photographs of monuments, paintings, and artefacts, glossary of Indian terms, list of biographies of prominent people, and over ten maps
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